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I had a Lister D type 1½ HP, and a Petter A1 Series II 1½ HP

lister 1

The Lister was bought at auction at the 1995 Upton Steam Rally for £40. The engine number is 1/2150 which puts its build date around May 1946. It came on a non Lister trolley. No previous history is known. This engine has worked perfectly since purchase. Apart from the leaking fuel tank...

Lister 2Lister 4

The Petter was purchased from a dealer for £25. The engine number is 586250 which puts it's build date around 1949. It is complete but has not been started as there is no compression, and makes a nice rusty scraping noise when turned over. I have got as far taking the head off and there do not appear to be any major horrors apart from surface rust in the cylinder wall.

litser 4 litser 5

Earlier in Summer 2002 I needed to use or lose anything I was not playing with due to a house extension being built. So the engines had to go. The Petter was bought by a gentleman in the next village who had a garden tractor (whatever that is) which is powered by the same model of engine.The Lister was bought by Jim Davison in Malvern Wells, who has carried out some sterling work on restoring the engine, see pictures below.

Jim says:-

I stumbled across your web site whilst searching for stuff on Lister stationary engines. The photo of the Lister D with temporary (weed killer bottle) petrol tank was unmistakable! That's the engine I bought!

This is to let you know that the restoration is well underway following a complete strip down of the engine during the summer. I hope to have it running again early next year. It is surprising how well these things run when in a less than perfect condition. The piston rings were totally gummed up, the exhaust valve did not seal, a valve end cap was missing, much sludge and carbon deposits were extracted, etc, etc. All only to be expected with something this old, but it still ran!

I spent more time than my wife appreciated, cleaning up and repainting the castings and now I am putting it all back together. It was a major challenge extracting the flywheel, but this went well once I had fabricated a heavy duty puller from scrap metal. I went to the Upton steam rally with a shopping list of spare parts and came back with a second hand petrol tank (£10), a complete set of gaskets, BSW taps, new governor spring  -  in fact pretty much everything I needed for not much of money.

Litser 6

Litser 7

liutser 8




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