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More stationary engines and a tractor

My eldest brother Chris in Cumbria, has a number of stationary engines and a
1950 Ferguson T20 Tractor


LISTER CS Mk5-1, Diesel, No 870551R4, 600RPM  (age uncertain 1930 to 1952?) . Now in my possession

Lister CS

Lister CS 2

Lister CS 3

LISTER D 3176DK8  1.5HP 800RPM  (new Oct 1958).

Lister D 1

LISTER 2L Spec75L, No 33949, 5HP 450RPM  (new 9th Nov 1922)  When it goes it is very satisfyingly impressive. Also in my possession now.

Lister L 2

Lister L 03

PETTER AV1 Diesel, No 6626848, 5HP 1500RPM  (Post last war).  It came from a local farm high up on the fell.

Petter 1

Petter 2

Pett2r 3

PETTER A1 No 534562, 5HP 1650RPM, (new 5 Dec 1947) 

Petter 4

WOLSELEY WD11, No 15272,  2.25HP ?RPM I expect about 1500. (Feb 1947)


One of the Engine Sheds



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