Austin Seven RN back axle rebuild

Not long after I took delivery I joined in an outing with the Hereford Austin Seven Club and on the way back home transmission noises got louder and louder.

Assuming that regardless of where the noise appears to emanate from (in this case apparently the gearbox) it usually is the back axle. I therefore took the decision to remove axle and inspect and sure enough the crown wheel and pinion gears were in poor condition. It was a relief after all the effort of removing and splitting an axle that had not been disturbed for many years, to find that it was actually faulty. To avoid confusion the axle is a later semi girling one from a Ruby.

Apart on the bench.

Work in progress a study in light and shade,


Checking backlash

Installing bushes

and reaming them

Nearly all in

So is the spring worn, or is it what is known as nibbed and slotted?

Replacement wheels as received.

And after shot blasting and powder coating

It works!

With stablemate

First trip with the dogs to the garden centre.


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