1965 Austin Healey Sprite MK III.

1st registered 8th April 1965 in Birmingham
Reg no: CON110C
Chassis no: HAN8/50450
Engine no: 10V/189E/L72516

This car used to belong to Arthur Martin of Twyning who sadly, is no longer with us.

Here are detail photos of condition in and under

Here is how car was when I took it over

There is an Ashley GT hard top

Out and about

MG Midget Register Welsh Weekend 2014

Recommissioning the car has been interesting. Fortunately Arthur had documented the electrical circuit upgrades.... The water pump needed replacement, much cursing accompanied the refitment of the 4 radiator mounting bolts over the 6 hours that took.... The braking system was filled with silicon fluid - thank heavens - as some loose pipework connections sprayed the fluid over the nice shiny paintwork. The rear brakes were nearly totally ineffective and needed new shoes, handbrake levers, handbrake rods and compensator. They work well now.

I know the car looks a little high for road height, that will be addressed in due course.

I also know that the front and the rear of the car looks more like a MK4 than a MK3. But it is like brand new.

It drives and handles and brakes beautifully.

The signal indicators have been challenging. On the way back from the MOT they ceased to function. It had to be a bad connection, hadn't it! After checking all the wiring and switch, it turned out to be a failed flashed unit. Next trip, they ceased to work again. Not the replacement flasher unit? Check all the wiring out again, and found a broken wire by the indicator switch. Hey ho, what next?


May 20, 2020

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