Some of the works carried out since purchase

VE earth electric supply to cigar lighter for dashcam and satnav
Find inline fuse
Temp gauge not working, sender is seized, replaced
Fit electronic temp gauge (also –VE earth
Windscreen staunchion screws loose
Fit cigar lighter socket
Get steering alignment checked
Replace damaged wirewheel
Find socket and bar to fit steel spare wheel in case of puncture
Oil pressure slow to rise, check oilfilter and source of leak near filter ?? Maybe pipe
Grease and oil throughout
Get spares book?
12v drop in voltage across ignition switch?
Adjust wiper arms position
Handbrake position
Gear lever knob
Boot lock key and spare ignition key
Fit Union Jacks
Steering replacement? On hold. No stock.
On/off switches for heater and panel lights
Change fornt brake disk callipers callipers
Rear number plate replace
Send insurance valuation
Adjust brake and clutch pedals
Replace starter solenoid
Balance front wheels
Bleed brakes
Reset wipers and check blades
Replace 2 tenax on windscreen and hood.
Bonnet stay rubber
Bleed again
Swap OSF and OSR splined hubs
Put tabs on tonneau
Redo handbrake
Heater motor switch replaced with toggle
Electric screen pump fitted
Fit headlamp flasher switch
Fit GPS Speedo

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