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August 2014 and three chickens have died of natural causes and Molly remained a lonely soul, So she has been rehomed with a Buff Orpington which is also a soul survivor of her flock.

One stone for each chicken....

Molly on her own just before she was rehomed.

Molly, now rehomed. On meeting the Buff Orpington, her reaction was a pecking order sorting out, followed by a good feed. Since then she has been an escape artist and after the fence security was beefed up we hope she will stay where she is supposed to.


This is a new project and is something that I have wanted to do since I was a teenager.


I have started with four chickens and they live in an Eglu.

I purchased them on the 11th February 1012, from Newland Poultry in Malvern, who very helpful to me during the setting up process.

They are hybrids and are:-

Ranger - brown - Molly
Bluebell - grey - Biddy
Amber - white - Annie
Road Rock - black - Gertie


Trying out the first extended pen.

Moffat en garde.

They appear to be contented

Eglu by Omlet

First freedom

I now have a larger pen with the coop inside it. Apart from this being a secure area for them, it keeps Moffat from gobbling up tasty droppings.... Also because of the tasty droppings, with the original soft netting Moffat, had to be cut free twice, her head was all the way through and was choking herself.




11th March 2012, the first egg!

1st egg

Egg production of 4 a day is going well. I have regular customers. And the eggs taste wonderful when they are so fresh.

There has been one incident of "egg bound", but that thankfully has been overcome now.

What a whopper!



Their empire steadily grows...


12 months on (Feb 22 2013) and here they are.



Mollie, Gertrude and Annie


Updated August 30, 2014

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